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Monday, 30 July 2012

You know you're back at uni when you don't have time to blog!

Uni is certainly in full swing again, tomorrow is the beginning of week three! Lots of readings and classes to attend, coupled with trying to find a job (preferably in the planning industry so I can get some experience) and help around the house as much as possible = neglected blog!

It's been a little while since my last entry. Nothing profound in the way of food or weight loss, but have learnt that no matter how good I am feeling, I should not stop taking my iron tablets because then my appetite starts to disappear, I get tired easily and start to lose focus on things.

This week was monumentally bad in terms of food consumption with more sugar than I have been consuming. Today though, no sugar (in the sense of chocolate or ice cream or sweets). The desire was there, but I pushed it to the back of my mind. I need to do this more often (this week was a little tougher though).
This week though I was faced with my first alcohol challenge. It was A's step-brother's 30th birthday on Thursday, so we had a family dinner at a lovely restaurant in Elsternwick called After The Tears. Now, when I did drink, I loved vodka. We had a very good relationship. A's family is Polish and Russian, so vodka is standard. After the Tears' menu comprises around 15 pages of vodka beverages, and about 5 of food. Did I mention that After the Tears is a Polish bar/restaurant? Anyway, I was umming and aaahhhhing and umming and aaahhhhing but decided against the vodka - the hips and the hip pocket just couldn't afford it. I did have a very tasty salmon dish though!

I've managed to keep my exercise up this week, which I'm happy about. I'm hoping that I will be able to start swimming this week (holy heck, just checked out casual prices at St Kilda Sea Baths, $9 for a concession casual swim!! Looks like I'll be headed to Melbourne City Baths who charge just $2.80 for a concession casual swim). I tried my 8 year old swimsuit on the other day, and it's not as bad as I thought it would be. Swimming after class could be a goer I think. Maybe even on days off as well. We'll see what happens.

I'm sitting here with the Olympics on in the background, and seeing all the swimming is getting me amped up to get back in the pool. Right now though, it's basketball - USA vs France. Australia just went down to Brazil. 

We've also decided to put Thailand on the back-burner for the time being, but that is not stopping me on my journey! Along with my health, I have plenty of other reasons to lose weight: 2 weddings in January 2013, 3 family 30ths in August/September 2013 (one of which is my sweetheart's), and a new swimsuit to buy. Pretty darned good reasons to be looking svelte. 

Today I ate my first lot of white bread in a long time - and it was 600-odd calories for the bread alone! I'm glad I asked them to take out the cheese and the mayo from the baguette, that would have made it even worse! It was the price I pay for tasty, affordable goodness at an inner city cafe. Today we also carved up a little bit of the city while looking at buildings as a part of Open House Melbourne. Certainly was lovely to get out on this wintry day and enjoy what this fine city has to offer! We only got to see two buildings (queues + transit times) because A wanted a bit of a sleep in after working all week (and understandably so). Next year, we're hoping that he can have all weekend off and we can do both days! We had 7 buildings on our list for today, and only got to see two! The first building we saw was Council House 2. It was my second visit to CH2, but was nice to be there when the building was quiet and not full of workers (though I might be one of those workers one day!). It was great to learn more about the interior's sustainability features. After CH2, we walked up Swanston Street to Rue Bebelons in Little Lonsdale Street for lunch. Mmm delicious baguette. We ate then we lined up to see the State Library but the queue was an hour long! We'll skip that one, we said. Instead, we went to the Royal Melbourne Hospital Tunnels and Tower tour. That was great! The tunnels are actually constructed at True North, so from the core, you've got one tunnel running in each direction: North, East, South and West. I was astounded to learn how far some of these tunnels stretched! 

Will try to be a bit more communicative this week and give you some updates - no doubt there will be some photos from Thursday when I see my girl Ilsa!!


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