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Monday, 2 July 2012

Good day, me thinks

Today was a pretty good day overall, I would like to think. In fact, I do think.

My food intake was orright, went for a 2.5km walk, and didn't exceed my calories for the day. Also drank almost 2L of water, go me!
Back did feel a wee bit tight though and kinda spasmed a touch this evening but I'm hoping that will fade out after some sleep tonight.

Lunch today was superb. Last night, A cooked a delicious pot of his wonderful pumpkin and corn soup. No dairy, just pumpkin, corn, cinnamon, ground coriander, cumin and water. On the stove, let it do its bit, and when the pumpkin and corn are pretty much broken down, blend it all together, and voila - pumpkin soup!

Had a massive craving for cheese and crackers after going for a walk, but didn't have any crackers, so just had some cheese; rectified the fact of not having crackers tonight when we went to the supermarket. 

Am really looking forward to cooking Beef & Carrot Ragout tomorrow in the slow cooker. And, I'm actually really liking this cooking game. I'm not a fan of cooking, but trying these new recipes and cooking things that I know I already love and can cook, I'm really enjoying it.

On MFP tonight, I saw a banner that we're probably all seeing around advertising 5 foods we shouldn't be eating, and I decided to click on it. So I'm kind of listening to that (it's a video that plays as soon as you arrive there) and typing this at the same time. Here, check it out. It's all common sense stuff that I did already know. Except for the fact that I didn't know that the liver is used to breakdown fats. They do say you learn something every day; there's my one fact that has been learned! The only thing that I hate about this video is the fact that they suggest eating sweet potato because it's fantastic; too bad I'm allergic to sweet potato!
(Nb. this is a paid program like Lite n Easy or Weight Watchers et cetera if you did want to join after watching the vid. I recommend MFP - it's a free online community).

Decided to have a look at some accommodation options for Thailand today. Found some really great places at sensational prices (one place, at the highest room rate, for 6 nights was $444!). Of course, we will need to really budget and work out where we're going to go, but these places have brilliant reviews on Trip Advisor. One of the places we're thinking of staying is run by Aussies apparently, but have local employees. Most importantly, it looks so incredibly relaxing and beautiful. 

Well, time for me to get ready for bed. Until tomorrow, ciao!

PS - tonight for dessert I had a mint pattie instead of ice cream. Yeah, refined sugar, I know, but it was within my calorie limit, and I even managed to stay under my daily calories. And, most importantly, I'm already finding that I'm not hungry because I'm eating better than last week (even though we don't eat junk food in this house) - more balanced, consistent portions, and different foods.


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