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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Breakfast: What to have when you have no bread or milk?

We had no bread or milk this morning, so I was forced to come up with something else for breakfast. In my head, before falling asleep last night, I was brainstorming. I thought about the fresh fruit we had, the Greek yoghurt in the fridge, and the oats in the cupboard. Mmm. I'll have a muesli kind of thing. I didn't end up going with the oats, instead I put in one Weet Bix biscuit instead, and also some toasted pepita (pumpkin) and sunflower seeds. Omnomnom.

This is what it looked like before I tucked into it:

Fruity Breakfast Mix

Cantaloupe, white cherries, half a Granny Smith apple, half a Kiwi fruit, one Weet Bix biscuit - crumbled, and two spoonfuls of Jalna Greek Natural Yoghurt. Oh goodness me it was super tasty, but I couldn't eat it all! It's in the fridge. I showed A who has just now returned home from work (it's 19:05 as I write) and he wants to have some!

It's been a busy few days for me and A - a trip to Geelong on Sunday/Monday (was a bit worried about this and the food side of things, haven't really eaten out since being on this journey), and uni went back yesterday. Geelong was good on many levels - my brother was also home (we hadn't seen each other for 18 months); I got to see my best friend who I hadn't seen for 3 months, and I ate REALLY well! (Check out my daily diary entries on My Fitness Pal to see how I'm going. There's recipes on there too, including this morning's Fruity Breakfast Mix).

On Sunday, before we left, I had A take some photos of me in some tight fitting clothing as my 'before' pics:

15 July 2012 - 93kg 

Uni went back yesterday, and with an 0900 start, I knew I would need to be up and at it early so I could have breakfast. The day went well, until the evening. We had a little disagreement that resulted in us both being too stubborn to eat dinner! Needless to say, I was very hungry upon waking this morning!

For those of you following me, you will know that Wednesday is weigh in day. Last week, I gained 500 grams, bringing me to 93.5kg. When I stepped on those scales this morning there was a round number of 92.0kg! Woohoo, a 1.5kg drop for the week! If I can do that every week, I'd be one happy girl!

You might remember in my first post I mapped out that I wanted to lose 5kg between 1 July and 31 August of this year. In 2.5-3 weeks, I've lost 2kg. With a little over 6 weeks to lose 4kg to reach my goal of 88kg, I really need to knuckle down. I'm not saying the work I've done is bad, it's great, but I need to focus on getting healthy. Shifting these 4kg is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication. Six weeks from today will be my final August weigh in when I'd like to weigh 88kg.

With so many family birthdays to celebrate between now and then (A's step brother is 30 in the last week of July while his step sister celebrates her birthday in the first week of August; A's birthday is just 3 days after his step sister's; mine 16 days after A's, not to mention many other family members on my side of the family and wonderful friends back in Geelong) I really need to tighten up and make sure I don't stray too far, if at all. In my head, 4kg in 6 weeks really doesn't seem too difficult at all, reality could be a different story though!

OMG I also just realised that if I do get to 88kg by end of August, I'll:

              1.       Have lost 10 kilograms in 4 months
              2.      Be under 90 kilograms for the first time in two years
              3.      Be a similar size to when A and I started dating, which means
              4.      I will fit into my benchmark dress (which I can wear right now but it's just a
              bit funny around the edges)

Oh this excites me, this excites me a lot!

It's one of my favourite times of the week right now - meal planning for the next fortnight! I wonder what delicious foods we will nom in that time! Mmmm tasty delicious foods. Tonight we had leftover stuffed capsicums and a small serving of lamb with chickpeas - the leftovers of which will serve as tomorrow's lunch!

Time to plan these meals!


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