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Friday, 6 June 2014

Things just don't seem to go the way I planned.

A few months ago, I started trying to work towards losing more weight for my 30th birthday. I tracked for almost 5 weeks straight, then I missed a day of tracking and struggled to keep up, so I gave up with the tracking after a few days of trying to pick it back up. My heart just wasn't in it. No, that's a lie. I wanted so desperately to do it, but found that my time was ridiculously limited. I knew that this year was going to be difficult but I didn't realise how little time I would have (she says to you writing a blog post instead of writing for an assignment).

The thing is, those 35 days that I did track, everything was great! I lost centimetres and got back to under 80kg. Proof is that tracking really helps to keep me on track. I need something to get me going and keep me motivated though. There are just 79 days until I celebrate my 30th birthday, though I turn 30 three days before the planned celebrations. I'm still hovering around the 79-80kg mark but I had wanted to lose more.

Do I have any Melbourne friends who want to walk with me once or twice a week? I would love the company, and it will give me the motivation to get out of my chair and onto the footpaths to try and lose at least some centimetres, and some weight thrown in would be great. A doesn't always like to go for a walk, so I can't rely on him too much.

07 May 2014

Body Part Measurement

Neck 34.5cm / 13.58"
Upper Arm 32cm /12.59"
Bust 105cm / 41.338"
Underbust 88.5cm / 34.8"
Waist 87cm / 34.252"
Hips 117cm / 46"
Thigh 63cm / 24.803"
Total Body Weight 79.5kg / 174.9lb

I've had a seriously, ridiculously shitty month so I'm expecting tomorrow's measurements to absolutely suck. There has been so much sugar consumed it's not even funny. I caught sight of my reflection a few times in shop windows and was so completely embarrassed. Embarrassed to the point I wanted to cry. It's not even the fact that it's cold and I want comfort food, I am just so overwhelmed with everything going on at uni that I'm turning to chocolate. Not good at all.

Along with the birthday weight loss desire, over the next 18 months, I've got one graduation, and four weddings to attend, one of which I'm involved in orchestrating: we're engaged! A took me by surprise and had the moment captured by our good friend who's an amateur photographer.

There's a bit of a story to it, but I'll see if you can figure it out. A picture is worth a thousand words they say, so how do you think this story went? Find out here.
We're taking our time with planning, just focusing on our studies right now.

That's all from me for now. Hope you're keeping warm this winter!

Monday, 7 April 2014

A lot can happen in two years.

Two years ago tomorrow, my best friend's life was turned upside down. Two years ago tomorrow is the day we remember my best friend's little brother. Two years ago today was the day that changed my life.


A week ago, my girlfriend and I started using MFP again. She's just had a baby (in January), and I want to lose weight to feel awesome at my 30th birthday in August. 

In April 2012, something changed in my life that I never imagined. I lost someone I loved. If you've read this blog before, you will know just how much he meant to me. Losing him sparked something in me, and prompted me to change my lifestyle.
Tonight, I write this post at 81kg. I've put on 3kg since my epic loss, (I lost 20kg) but that's okay. It's just over 10% of my loss, and I can lose it again.

I need to tighten my belt a lot in what I consume. I took my measurements today and while I'm not surprised, I'm still disappointed in myself. Weigh in is now Monday, and measurement day is the 7th of each month.

07 April 2014

Body Part Measurement

Neck 34.5cm / 13.58"
Upper Arm 34cm /13.38"
Bust 107cm / 42"
Underbust 89cm / 35"
Waist 89cm / 35"
Hips 117cm / 46"
Thigh 63.5cm / 25"
Total Body Weight 81kg / 178.5lb

I'm not going to be writing here as often as my last journey, or my attempted journeys. I'm doing my honours year at uni, as well as my final year. This year is my fourth and fifth years at uni, all rolled into one. Crazy, you say? Yes, yes I am. And at the end I'll have a marvellous piece of paper, industry experience under my belt, and be happy that my life is going in a positive direction.

Here's a couple of photos for you from the first quarter of the year so you can see how I'm looking.

Sunday, 2 February 2014: Alex's brother's wedding
Hair & Make-up by Candice De Ville

Thursday, 13 March 2014: Collins234 Boutique Place Fashion Event

Wednesday, 26 March, 2014: A's graduation ceremony, MCC The Plenary 
Friday, 4 April 2014: Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Two years ago tomorrow, my best friend's life was turned upside down. Two years ago tomorrow is the day we remember my best friend's little brother. Two years ago tomorrow was the day that changed my life.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

What happens when you're sick... that you are so pissed at the world for a. making A sick on his holidays, b. then passing it on to me, and have it hang around for 2.5 weeks, and c. you have so much going on that you don't actually have time to rest and get better.

I woke up yesterday and felt so incredibly wonderful for the first time since Thursday 14 November 2013. Yup, it really was that long. Such a pain to be so ill, but not much can be done about it now.
In that two and a half weeks, once A was better, we rearranged the entire house. Thank goodness it's a large 1 bedroom apartment! While he did most of the furniture-moving, I supervised and helped out when he couldn't do it on his own. I also unpacked and strategically placed items and things from bookshelves etc. which was fairly draining. I'm still in the process of decluttering, but hopefully now that my energy stores are near on being replenished, I'll be able to attack it with ease and enthusiasm and get our little place back to tip top condition.

I haven't felt much like eating whilst sick, or stepping out of my pyjamas, but I had to do both, on occasion.
But, before I got sick, we went to Geelong for a haircut. We can both get our hair cut in Geelong for, on average, less than I can in Melbourne. 
This is what my hair was looking like pre-cut: a side fringe masquerading as a front fringe with ends going every which way. 

Here I am, day of cut (below), waiting in the car to head into A's doctor's appointment. Ironically, it was after this trip that he became ill (we were visiting for something unrelated).

For the first time in 5 years, I have a front fringe. And in this photo, I'm sporting my natural hair colour. The previous one still had a wee bit of colour from when I coloured my hair in March.
Three days later, on the Thursday, I coloured my hair. I was expecting my hair to become similar to the middle shade, based on the approximation of the colour sampler on the pack.

This is after applying the colour and washing out the excess.

It's not even close to ANY of the colour samples pictured. I wanted to be a light amber auburn, not deep auburn bordering mahogany! 
This was also the day that I got sick. Thursday 14 November was clearly not my day.

I had two interviews for uni placement during that time. I wasn't successful with one, and still waiting to hear from the other.

I'm becoming more confident in my skin (even if I have put on a few kilos) and wearing clothes I'm comfortable in. Behold outfit selfies.

Interview One outfit - cold and miserable; 21 November
Interview Two outfit - warm and sunshiny; 26 November
Five days between interviews and two completely different climates. Anyone would think I live in Melbourne.

By Saturday, 30 November, I was starting to feel much chipper, and gladly so as our beautiful friends married that day (see A and I with The Bride below). I wore the same dress I wore to Interview Two, only I froze all day, so also wore a beautiful shawl that I picked up at Forever New DFO what feels like a million years ago, but in reality was less than four.
'Twas an intimate and loving gathering, and one we feel very blessed to have been a part of. As The Bride and The Groom said in their vows, til death, or zombies, do us part.
The food, ambience, and mocktails at Centonove were beyond anything I could imagine. Just sensational. The portions were perfect, the dishes were perfect, and the service was amazing. All the fluids I consumed (no booze; mocktails and water only) made me feel super full, and super fat! Talk about fluid retention.

A, me, The Bride
'Twas late in the eve when this was taken, and my fringe was falling out of its curl, but it's still a beautiful picture!

Post weekend, despite hardly eating a thing given all the festivities (there was also a post-wedding barbeque on Sunday), all I could see was fat. Fat everywhere. My clothes agree. Garments are a touch on the snug side in some places, and not particularly flattering.
So, it's back on MFP for me. Day two of tracking and I haven't missed a thing yet. Today I was ravenous though, so when A walked through the door with cold chips and schnitzel after work, we demolished them. Not something I'm proud of but we don't have much in the way of food at the moment. I also think my body is trying to reclaim nutrients it missed out on whilst sick. Anyways, into MFP they go.

So, a bit of ramblings, not my usual style, but that's what's been going on in my life these last few weeks.
Wednesday Weigh In tomorrow, so will report back then.
For now, it's time to hit the hay!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My Moment

The gorgeous Nicole at Turning "I can't" into "I can" one pound at a time posted a great reflection about her 'moment' last Friday. Couldn't have been a more timely reminder. You can read about my original moment here.

This time round, the moment happened for me on Friday when I tried on this gorgeous dress to wear to A's step-sister's engagement party Sunday just gone, and he said 'Nay'. That made me incredibly sad. I also became incredibly frustrated with myself for getting pudgy. Too much ice cream and too much pizza.

What actually made me stressed was the fact I want to wear it to a wedding on the 30th of November. We can't afford for me to buy a new outfit. I bought this a few months ago on sale and, although there is another dress I have spotted that is also on sale, I want to wear this.
I need to get back into my good habits and not give in to laziness. It would also do A the world of good too, he's got a suit he needs to fit into in February for his brother's wedding!

So, the gorgeous Honeysuckle dress is my moment. Hopefully with all the rearranging of furniture we're doing at home, I'll get a kick start in what needs to be done.

When or what was your moment?

Monday, 18 November 2013

Monday: Measurements and other stuff

I have been so completely busy today that I forgot to weigh myself this morning and forgot to take my measurements 'til a couple of hours ago.

Weight          80kg
Neck             35cm
Bust              105cm
Under Bust   92cm
Waist            94.5cm
Hips              117cm
Butt              112cm
Thigh            88cm
Arm              34cm

Today's food has been fairly good, including a small amount of dark chocolate. We've rearranged and cleaned the bedroom, so there's been lots of movement and burning of energy.
I haven't tracked on MFP or printed out my goal charts yet, but that can and will happen tomorrow, along with meal planning and pictures (I'm sick right now, so really don't fancy posting pasty selfies!)

Now it's time for pork eggplant hot pot leftovers from last night, and more rest!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Life got in the way, and I let it take control. Ooops.

Tomorrow I'm back on deck for weight loss! I've been SO flipping busy since finishing uni that I haven't even had time to think about me. Consequently, new dress I bought a few months ago to wear to a wedding in 2 weeks is now too tight in the mid section, my bras aren't fitting me any more, and I'm just generally feeling blah about my appearance.

I'll be doing my 5kg/2 months challenge I did when I lost all my weight last year; going to get back to blogging; hopefully get back into MFP which I found time consuming in the end...or maybe it just bored me? I don't know.
Anyway, my back is feeling pretty strong these days, and as long as the weather stays warm and dry, I will be back out pounding that pavement. I want to wear my swimsuit comfortably again this summer!

Weigh-in Wednesday is still my day; I don't think I can get used to it being any other day. I'm sure there is a mnemonic for the other days of the week pertaining to weight loss/weighing in, but honestly, Weigh-in Wednesday makes the most sense.
Before pictures and measurements will be posted, along with starting weight, tomorrow at some stage.

I'll try to blog Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If you haven't seen me post anything, check in with me. I need to be accountable again!

So, until my post tomorrow, ¡hasta maƱana!

Friday, 27 September 2013

The swimsuit journey continues

Why hello there. How are y'all doin' today?

I'm terrible, I said I'd try and write at least three times a week, and that didn't even happen. Perhaps I should aim for once a week instead. I was never good at keeping a diary as a kid, and a blog is pretty much that, only I don't tell you my deepest and darkest secrets ;)

Over the last few weeks since my last entry, I've kinda been laid up in bed in worlds of pain. You see, my back isn't taking too kindly to this coldish weather we're having here in Melbourne. So, I've just been laying here, doing not much of anything. Perfect time to blog, you say? Well, maybe not. I gotta have stories to tell y'all in order to do that!

A week ago, I got a message from Nicole at Turning "I can't" into "I can" asking me how I'm doing. I found Nicole through my friend, K. Nicole's from Canada, from the area K grew up in. K and Nicole's brother went to school together. But, I digress.
Nicole was checking in to see how I was doing, so I told her I'm not fabulous, but that I'm not bad, either. It also got me to thinking about content for this little ol' blog. 
I've realised that my swimsuit journey is still continuing, not because I'm not comfortable in my body, but because I actually haven't purchased a new swimsuit! Yup, I didn't end up getting myself a new one last summer. I was content that I was able to fit in to my existing one (plus the funds didn't really allow for a new suit). 
The other thing I've been thinking about is just writing about how good I feel, and what it's done for me mentally (even though I'm not out of the depths of doom and gloom, (and I really hope that doesn't offend anyone)) I'm still feeling MUCH better than what I was 18-24 months ago.

So, aside from the fact there is a family wedding to attend in February that I want to try and lose 5 - 7 kg for, I'd also like to get that new swimsuit. I want to spend time on the beach this summer!
The link earlier is last season's suits, but definitely still designs and cuts I'm chasing.

Suits Me Just Fine: Polka Spots

One piece swimsuit

Bettie Page one piece swimsuit
96 AUD -

One piece swimwear

Halter top

What do you think? Which one's your favourite?

Oh, by the way, I'm going on a small hiatus til my exams and assignments are done, so my next post probably won't be til end of October-early November.
Take care, and remember, one day at a time.