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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

From Rage Face to Sick Face

Earlier today, I wrote about my rage that I felt towards the Australian Government.
As the day wore on, it became apparent that I may not have kicked the tonsillitis I came down with two weeks ago (despite taking the penicillin as directed) when my throat became all swollen and cloggy on the inside. Cue sick face.

I plodded along through the day, getting distracted here and there. I started writing a letter to my local member and kind of forgot about it when 15:00 hit and I still hadn't got my pumpkin soup that I put in the microwave about an hour before, and when I realised I needed to start dinner as the recipe said it would take 4 hours in the slow cooker. For the record, tonight's dinner is a repeatable offence (it's just high in the calorie count at approximately 1008 calories for the ragout without pasta etc).

One thing that did get me down very early in the day was learning that just your basic Homebrand Rolled Oats have BOTH poly and mono fats :( Here I was, thinking I was doing my body good by having oats (muesli in summer, porridge in winter) but one 30g serving of oats has around 1g of each of these fats. That put a big fat downer in my day. 
I sussed out that quinoa could double as an alternative to oats, but we go through oats like they go out of fashion, and we don't really have the coin to be buying quinoa in the same manner. On the upside, quinoa is tasty. I guess it just means that I'm gonna have to get that butt working out more often than I originally planned.

I discovered something I could use for a little resistance training today. We have this jar that had 2kg of mini easter eggs in it (used for my Little Goldfish markets and also for family gifts), but now it's just got random stuff in it to use as a door stop. It isn't even a quarter of the way filled, and it weighs 2.5kg. The plan is that I'll actually buy some dumb bells but for now, this will do!

Tomorrow I'm home alone while A is at work, so I've got lots to get done in the way of paper crafting, as well as a walk, but must remember to rug up more substantially than the other day, otherwise I'll freeze!

Time for this new blogger to get to bed, it's almost 22:30 and A has an 09:00 start...getting him up out of bed at 07:00 is going to be one heck of a ride! 
Night all!


mrs dutchie said...

I still can't believe that about the oats!! :( Think I will still be eating them too though..

Had quinoa for dinner last night.. mmmmmmmm :D

That jar of coins would probably give me a headache rattling around! hahaha

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