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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Winter is here.

Haven't been around much the last couple of days, have been tied up with lots of different things here and there.

A & I were both feeling pretty miserable on Tuesday night, so we ordered in pizza. Pizza in our house is only worth it if it has meat and vegetables on it! Or, a cheese garlic pizza mmmm yum. We order a pizza with the lot (without anchovies on my half) - so there's hot salami, shredded ham, onion, capsicum, mushroom, pineapple, prawns, olives and cheese.

I am not a fan of meat eater type pizzas though, I find them too dry. Occasionally we'll have something different, like a Tandoori pizza or a gourmet one with prosciutto or something along those lines, but most often than not, a large pizza with the lot and a small cheese garlic pizza. Will last us for two meals, so $20 delivered is pretty good bang for your buck.
Tell you though, I felt like SHYTE after eating it. Although it's one of the healthier take aways, my body just didn't like all those fats and oils going in and I felt very ill for the rest of the night. I told A yesterday that he could finish off the leftovers as I didn't want to make myself sick again. We'll definitely be making our own pizzas from now on!

I had a serious case of the cbfs with meal planning until yesterday, and then I managed to plan all the way through to 22 July. That's a weight off of my mind, I tell you that!

Thursday 12 July: Leftovers from Wednesday night
Friday 13 July: Fish and vegetables
Saturday 14 July: Roast and vegetables
Sunday 15 July: Dinner with family and friends in Geelong
Monday 16 July: Five Spice Meatballs with Plum Sauce and Asian Greens
Tuesday 17 July: Pea & Prosciutto Gnocchi
Wednesday 18 July: Lamb with Spicy Chickpeas (this has fast become a favourite of ours!)
Thursday 19 July: Frozen Lean Cuisine-type meal (the Australian Aldi version)
Friday 20 July: Frozen Lean Cuisine-type meal (the Australian Aldi version)
Saturday 21 July: Fish with cous-cous
Sunday 22 July: Basil Chicken Cannelloni on wilted spinach

A was feeling a little blue yesterday (thanks, winter), so we had some ice cream, but I just got those single serve Bulla cups so we didn't have ice cream in the house! Win! A little over my cals for the day but not going to lose any sleep.

Weighed in yesterday morning too. After a stellar week of eating and exercising, a 500g gain :( My friend suggested it would just be the sodium from the pizza the night before, so I am really hoping that is the case. Didn't get to take my measurements. Really must do that next Wednesday morning. Gah.

Tonight I really wasn't feeling like much for dinner after the dude at A's work got my order wrong and gave me a schnitzel in my wrap. Four hours after seeing my gorgeous friend today, I wanted something light to eat to tie me over til dinner. I asked to make up my own wrap instead of off the menu, and just wanted a wrap with avocado, carrot and tomato...but A has trained his staff that unless otherwise specified, the customer wants a chicken schnitzel in their wrap or roll (and that's fair enough). I thought that me saying "I would just like x, y, z" that would be what I got, and then when he charged me $8.20 for what I thought was going to be x, y and z, I was a little miffed. Then when I watched A make my wrap, I realised why it was $8.20. Next time round, I need to remember to say no schnitzel!

Dinner tonight consisted of two slices of cheese and a bubble & squeak pattie om nom nom. Surprisingly, the pattie was only 176 cals. I thought it would be worse than that! Struggling though because MFP app doesn't have ANY type of schnitzel in the db, so I'm hoping it's in the online db.

Tomorrow should be a good day though for foods, especially seeing as how we're having fish and veges for dinner! I'm trying to eat less in the evenings too, and bulk up so to speak in the day.

Sitting down with a mug of lemon and honey water as my throat is still feeling terrible, I think I'll be back at the doctors soon to find out what's going on!

Until next time, adieu!


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