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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The day I was well under my calorie goal

Well, today went nowhere to plan, other than dinner. I woke up with tonsillitis (for the second time in three weeks). I had no appetite at all, consumed mostly sugary foods to soothe my throat except for the two small pieces of  homemade pizza (Mission Pizza Bases are AWESOME) and one piece of garlic bread (sans crust). As a result, without exercising because I simply had no energy to even get out of bed, I was 315 calories under my daily goal of 1200.

Tomorrow, I'm off to the doctor to get some more antibiotics. Although the last two times I have had (this is the third time in 7 months) tonsillitis I haven't finished the packet of tablets, I have still taken them as directed - two tablets, twice a day for 10 days. Forty tablets, however there is 50 in a pack. So I have almost a weeks' worth but not enough for 10 days . Part of me is hoping that I continue to have tonsillitis so they might remove my tonsils , but the fear of missing uni and the thought of surgery really doesn't bode well with me.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day for food consumption. A will be home to look after me a little in between study for his exams before he has to go to work.
Shattered that I have to cancel all my plans to catch up with people though, I was really looking forward to having a social life!


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