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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Day One of a better me

Today I began to look after myself (again). 
I've told A, shown him this blog, and he's proud of me and very excited and thinks that it's great that I've set myself this (ultimate) goal. He's been getting about the house today saying "Baby's gonna wear a kini, baby's gonna wear a kini!"

I did a little tweaking of layout and adding plug-ins etc. What's social media without plug-ins!? Any suggestions anyone has, glad to take them on board. This blogging thing is completely new to me!

We also had to eat into our Thailand fund and buy a washing machine today as ours died on Thursday night. Made the executive decision to not go to the laundromat yesterday so we weren't spending unnecessary money as I knew we would have a washer by Tuesday at the latest. No need to spend $30 down the laundromat (washing and drying...this weather is crap!), better off in our pockets!

Down to business.

So, as you may have seen, I've got me a ticker that will count the kilos lost along the way; that's a part of My Fitness Pal (MFP). MFP is a place where you can count your calories, talk to other people on a weight loss journey, network et cetera et cetera. MFP allows me to enter exactly what I'm eating and it adds the calories as I'm going along. Even better thing is that there is an app for it (Android and iOS); no need to be sitting in front of a computer all day to log your cals, nor be jotting them down in your diary with a pen or pencil. Isn't technology grand!? Here's my profile on MFP; be my friend, please?

With MFP making life so much easier, I didn't find calorie counting so bad. Plug in what you eat and drink, the exercise you do, and voila, it's all done for you (just don't forget to save).
I am giving myself 1200 calories per day. We were a little naughty today though and finished off the left over pizza from last night's dinner with lunch, and that is what put me on 1204 calories! But you know what, for a first day's effort I'm pretty darn happy with that!
No crazy fad dieting, just regular, every day H & A eating.
I still got to have sour cherry porridge for breakfast (see my MFP Food Diary until I get all the recipes photographed) with Greek Yoghurt and honey, I ate a piece of pizza, and had a scoop of ice cream. It's all about portion control. I've done this before, and I can sure do it again.

I'm pretty sure I will almost be able to eliminate those super refined sugars etc too, but I also want to be realistic. One scoop of ice cream isn't going to kill me every now and again. Factor it in, make sure I've got a workout in for the day, and life will continue.

Not going to lie, today really wasn't the day for exercising, my back reacts really badly to the cold (I have a tiny bit of a spinal disc herniation in L4 & L5) and simple activities like walking can really impact on me greatly. 
I tell you, relying on elevators and the likes is such a pain in the butt, I love to walk up and down stairs, I know how awesome it feels, but some days (like today), walking up the three steps to our door is a killer. My physio can tell when I've been bad too, so steps are a no-go zone unfortunately (and that's a shame, we live on the ground floor of a three-storey apartment building).
Tomorrow, I'm going to go for a walk, even if it's just to get out of the house! It might not be far, but I need to build my strength and resistance before I can go like a bull at a gate.

Have started meal planning for the week as well (just dinner for the time being):

Monday: Antipasto and prosciutto pasta in a tomato sauce
Tuesday: Beef and carrot ragout
Wednesday: Antipasto and salami pizza 
Thursday: Lean Cuisine Frozen Meal (Alex is working til 10pm)
Friday: Lean Cuisine Frozen Meal OR out for dinner with friends (Alex is working again until 10pm)
Saturday: Lamb with Spicy Chickpeas
Sunday: Roast Beef with veges

These dinners are based on what we've already got in the fridge and freezer (meat only in the freezer, we buy veges fresh).
Lunches I'm still working on. Breakfast is usually sour cherry porridge or Weet Bix, occasionally an omelette but I think that it could be a bit high in the calorie department.

Anyway, it's 10pm. Bedtime in this house is now 10pm! It's time to get back into our routine now that we're germ free.


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