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Monday, 8 October 2012

Still Alive

Today, I did something naughty - I weighed myself for the second time in less than a week! Tsk, tsk. 

I'm happy to report that the first October Wednesday weigh-in was a complete success. I plateaued on 87 kilograms for the ENTIRE month of September. First October weigh-in: 86 kilograms. Thank you very much.
For some reason, I wasn't all that excited about it though. I was rather "Eh, whatevs." Why? No clue at all.

Today, I just felt like stepping on the scales again. Pleasant surprise when I saw that it said 85 kilograms! Just hoping I can maintain or lose more between now and Wednesday! Should be a piece of cake, I've only got two assignments due and two tests this week. Right on!
Stepping on the scales today seemed a bit of a triumph, to be honest. I was super proud of myself!
Although it's not entirely appropriate, here's a song about triumphs:

Now, I don't have any recent pictures of me to upload but I will get some for you once uni is over. However, it's been 10 kilograms since I last did a CGI Weight Simulator Montage for you, so have a look at this and tell me what you think (April 2012 vs October 2012):

April 2012 (left image of each set) vs October 2012 (right image of each set)

That's what a difference of 13 kilograms looks like. Am I proud of myself? You bet I am! I feel that uni drawing to a close for yet another year will be fantastic for me as I can spend more time on finding more delicious recipes and hopefully even get in the water for some swimming. Definitely feeling confident enough in wearing my current swimsuit again! Ooo, that reminds me, this blog is a swimsuit journey! Seeing as how we're approaching summer, it might be an idea to have a look at the swimsuits in stores. Food for thought.

On the note of stores, because I have lost all this weight, I'm now able to walk into quite a number of stores, try things on AND make the purchase! It's also got me thinking that perhaps I can maybe even try online shopping. I ventured over to Asos last night for a proper look (I'd looked before but never really found myself wanting anything because my self esteem wasn't that awesome). Now I feel I can step into the danger zone of online shopping, though I am a big advocate for only buying things that you can't usually get here in good old Australia (for example, I am a t-shirt snob and generally only buy threadless tees). I like to keep money going to our retailers here in Australia where possible.
On the clothing front, I think I am also going to start to use Polyvore more. I joined 5 months ago but haven't really used it. Thanks to my friend Ms Puggy at A Girl and Her Pugs, along with good ol' Pinterest (note, that is my personal fashion board (threads only, I have a separate one for beauty and shoes, go here for the general Pinterest women's fashion pins)), I now have the confidence to use Polyvore again. That and the exciting fact that I have four months of holidays ahead of me!

Also, all that stuff I said I'd do about meal planning etc. fell by the wayside. Uni assignments were far too important, but there has been a little more structure in my eating again, including logging each day on MFP! Hip hip hooray, I've been using MFP for 100 days today!

Until next time!


Ms Puggy said...

So I posted last night - and it appears to be gone this morning....

All I wrote was 'don't blame me if styling interferes with university - its easy to waste a lot of time doing it! So nothing important is lost!

Hollie said...

haha, yes I know what you mean!
I have just spent the better part of today playing on Polyvore. Only put together one outfit though because Chrome crashed and I hadn't actually saved it. Blog posts coming soon!

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