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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Wednesday Weigh In

The first weigh in of my September/October 5kg challenge

Yesterday was Wednesday Weigh In. I wanted to write this yesterday but I had no energy. Stupid, rotten head cold and chest infection.
Preparing myself to read the scales was a chilly one - gale force winds here in Melbourne right now, such a disappointment after two glorious days of sunshine. The scales made their noises, and when it stopped I looked down. Was this right!? 87 kilos? Have I really lost 2 kilos since my last Wednesday Weigh In?
I checked about an hour later. Apparently this figure is correct, as I got the same reading again.

This week and my health

I can't remember if I mentioned in my posts last week that A was sick. Unfortunately for him, he had viral laryngitis.
This week, that virus has manifested in me in the form of an 'upper respiratory tract infection'. Awesome. Goodbye energy, goodbye taste buds, goodbye life outside of bed. I know that this is where I should be pumping my body full of the super good foods, but it just hasn't happened. I've had ice cream every day, and when I have been eating it's been mostly of a grazing nature. Yesterday after visiting the doc, I had a serious craving for the food that comes from where A works. Despite being 2km from home, I turned the other direction and I drove to get myself from lunch. Maybe it was also the desire to have A take care of me, I have no idea. I had a tasty fishy wrap with salads (spinach, avocado, carrot, tomato, olives and a squeeze of lemon).
This morning I was still temping on the high side of normal when waking, but I haven't had the incessant need to guzzle a litre of water, only 600mL, haha.
I had enough energy (after driving A to the station too, might I add) to make my own breakfast. I savoured the eating process; bran and Weet Bix with a little milk have never tasted so good!

The swimsuit journey

The whole reason I started this blog was because A and I made the decision to go to Thailand in July 2013, and I wanted to try and wear a bikini for the first time ever.
Thailand is kind of on the back burner right now (just like my homework!) but I'm still determined to get a new swimsuit.

Sixty-eight days in to my accountable journey, I am 6 kilos down, and 11 kilos overall since April. I'm very happy with my efforts, but I need to be doing more.
I'm really finding it hard to meal plan these days; I don't know if it's because we've been a bit poor this last month (August is such a money drainer for us), or if it's because we've been so busy with uni and work.
I need to make a concerted effort to start eating clean. I've come such a long way, and just in the last 3 weeks, I'm falling sideways terribly.
I see so many delicious recipes on Pinterest, and I pin them, but never get to making them. Probably doesn't help that our kitchen isn't in the best shape these days. And then there is the immense jealousy I have of my girl N's clean eating efforts (check her out at The Road To Clean Eating). N is a wife and mum of 2 and is going ahead in leaps and bounds.
I look at the pictures she posts of the delicious food, and I think "Hey, I can do that" and then I don't. Why though!? Why am I not doing that?

Answering the why

I need to look at what it is in my life that is slowly turning me to old habits: ice cream every day, namely. Am I stressed? Am I fearing failure? Am I procrastinating? Am I sad?
Right now, I am unwell, but searching for the why is about as high on my list as my uni assignment (that hasn't been started) due in five days' time (read: I know I need to be doing it, but blogging and Facebook are much more appealing right now; thank goodness I haven't gone onto Reddit yet today).
I honestly think that our lives have become much more intense away from home in the last month or so, impacting on all things within the home. Here's hoping that September will be less intense and we can get everything back on track.

Sorry for the lack of imagery and inspiration in this post, but if you have gotten to this point, I thank you for reading.


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