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Friday, 14 September 2012

Friday Fashion Show

Goodness me, it feels like a lifetime ago since I last updated. In weight loss, a week is a lifetime I guess. In fact, I think I've not written for over a week. The effects of an horrendous cold really took me down. My body suffered terribly: not only was I ill and lacking energy, but I was not nourishing my body properly.

Meal planning has not been high on my agenda unfortunately of late, I've had far too many assignments to write let alone think about what to eat. A time (as in times of stress) where I would usually turn to all kinds of sugary foods, I'm now barely eating a thing. This is not good.

My last Wednesday weigh in was a bit of a disappointment, I gained 500g but in the scheme of things, it's not that bad. The week before's weigh in saw me hit 87kg. I was absolutely stoked. Here's hoping I am back on track for a loss Wednesday coming.

Today's title alludes to the prospect of a fashion show. It's nothing glamorous, just a couple of photos of me in two of my most favourite items of clothing!
One is my favourite trans seasonal Billabong top, and the other is my favourite Element winter jacket. Today, I'm feeling almost fantastic!
My sincere apologies if the images are sideways, I'm updating from my phone!


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