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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Saturday Night Fever

"Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother you're stayin' alive, stayin' alive..."

Last night, we went to a friend's 40th birthday that was 70s theme. We had a great time in our semi-matching outfits. A's shirt was a hit, everybody loved it! Thank you Australian Red Cross Op Shop!

Just before we left to go back home
Not the most flattering photo of either of us, especially seeing as how A has been sick for most of this week, but now he's pretty much a picture of health, in a manner of speaking. This is my op shop outfit, a pretty purple, black and white paisley/check patterned dress. I forgot to get holes punched in my belt though, and it annoyed me alllllllllll night! I didn't like it being low around my stomach, made me look all straight up and down, so tried to wear it higher up but it kept falling!

The following pics are from when we got home:

I kept looking at this photo and thinking how horribly my hips were sticking out but it turns out they're not, it's just the wardrobe panels (see just below my hands)

Holding up the belt

This is to show how big the belt actually is. When I bought the belt on 27 January, I could just get it done up on the hole at the end of the belt (as in the flat end). Now, there is 10cm from the hole at the buckle end to where I can actually do the belt up.
What excites me most about this outfit is that the dress is a medium! A MEDIUM! I haven't worn a medium for 2 years. Damn I am so happy and proud of myself! Also, I have skinny people stockings on (as in ones that aren't part of the 'big girls' range of hosiery) in these pictures. Talk about die of excitement when I put them on!
This morning I've had to put my old leggings on because my others are dirty. They're a 14. Not perfect, but not bad either. I wouldn't have even contemplated them a month ago!

Now for the all important stuff: food.
Second day of September already. Yesterday wasn't the best way to start the month -the party was awesome and while I didn't pig out, I'm not entirely sure of what I've consumed cal wise. Took a good stab though, said 900 as all I did was graze. We also found a delicious organic chocolate at the local farmer's market yesterday. We got there just as everyone was packing up, so now have to wait til the next month to go again.

Ready for more pictures? This time it's food! Today's breakfast and lunch (which is actually leftovers from the plate of noms we took to the party last night).

Strawberry Smoothie
 The smoothie was really simple and deliciously filling. Cut up one small-medium banana, 6 washed and hulled strawberries, 1 peeled kiwi fruit. Add half a cup of skim milk. Blend til all the fruit is pureed. Add natural low fat yoghurt and cinnamon as required. Blend. Serve.

Pumpkin, spinach and chick pea salad
My darling makes this salad and oh my goodness, I just love it. Bake some small cubes of pumpkin in the oven until nice and soft. Sprinkle with nutmeg or cinnamon while cooling. Drain the chick peas and wash the spinach leaves. Cut up some dried fruit (we've used dried apricots in this one today but usually we use figs). Chop up some nuts (we've used walnuts). Pop each ingredient in a bowl, add the juice of a lemon, mix through. Done.

Ooo, Sunday. That's meal planning night! We actually haven't really eaten to plan this week because A has been sick and lethargic therefore didn't have the energy to eat, so I really only had myself to worry about feeding. Aaaaand I just got a phone call from A, we're heading to his dad's tonight for pizza for dinner to celebrate my birthday and Fathers Day. Right, deffo need to get my butt out for a walk now!
Meal planning might not happen till tomorrow now! I have got so much to do in the next three hours: make some cards (oh yeah, I also have my own small business Little Goldfish Invitations & Stationery), go print an assignment (which I might leave til tomorrow morning actually, there's not a rush to get that done today) and get a copy of A's medical certificate...and go for that walk! Who can give me more time? Anyone!?


Deena Otway said...

Sexy Hollie, you are getting there honey xxx

Hollie said...

Aww thanks Dee xxx

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