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Thursday, 23 August 2012

What a difference a year makes

My last post was birthday related. This one is kind of birthday related, but more so tracking my appearance from August 2010 til August 2012.

15 August 2010
Six days before my 26th birthday

21 August 2011
Day of my 27th Birthday

22 August 2012
Day after my 28th birthday
I'm not quite where I was at in August 2010, but I'm awfully close, especially seeing as how I can now wear the purple dress again!
I wish I had a full body shot of the 2011 picture, but alas I do not. The outfit I had on there had been purchased only a week beforehand. A grey long sleeve tee, a short sleeve cotton cardy thing, and a navy high waist skirt. Skirt now swims on me.
The outfit I wore yesterday made me feel so proud of myself! I purchased this skirt from Barkins in March 2010, just before A and I started seeing each other. It's a size 14. I haven't worn it since late 2010.
On Tuesday, I'd been saying to my two friends from uni who joined me for a spot of birthday lunch that I was kind of annoyed that no-one had really noticed or commented at my weight loss (and also said that because they're men I wasn't expecting them to have noticed!). Yesterday, in this outfit, someone noticed who wasn't a part of that conversation! Felt fantastic then! Still feel fantastic now of course.

Well, off to finish writing assignments due tomorrow...need to stop procrastinating already!


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