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Monday, 27 August 2012

Measurement Day

Today is a monumental day - it's a whole year since A and I moved into our cute little apartment! Woohoo to us!
Today, being the 27th, is also Measurement Day. Here's what they were on 27 July vs. 27 August:

27 July 2012                                            27 August 2012

Neck - 37cm                                                               Neck - 36cm
Bust - 111cm                                                               Bust - 111cm
Under Bust - 96cm                                                  Under Bust - 93cm
Waist - 106cm                                                           Waist - 96cm
Hips - 124cm                                                             Hips - 120cm
Thighs - 74cm                                                           Thighs - 72cm

What do you think!? I know what I think - I AM STOKED! TEN CENTIMETRES OFF MY WAIST! A loss everywhere except that darned bust! It's disappointing but I'm really not that surprised.
Not sure how to take your measurements? Use this video here

Now, I promised you I would take my iron tablets...and I'm really bad and I haven't. Definitely have only myself to blame. Starting to feel fatigued as I write this. Must. Have. Iron. Pill. In. Morning.

Moving forward. Food. We all love it. We all need it. This is how our plan looks this week:

Monday - Chili Con Carne and quinoa (substituting the Big Red for a tin of tomatoes)
Tuesday - Fishy Wrap (frozen crumbed fish fillet in a Mission wholegrain wrap, with fillings of your desire)
Wednesday - A's mum cooks for us on Wednesday nights because we both have uni in the evening
Thursday - I'll be eating a Lean Cuisine meal; A will be eating at work
Friday - Roast (lamb or beef) with veges
Saturday - Unsure, friend's 40th birthday, not sure if we need to eat before the party or not
Sunday - One-pan chicken and chick peas (I always want to put an 'e' on the end of peas)

The Chili Con Carne and the One-pan chicken and chick peas haven't been cooked in this house yet, so I'm looking forward to seeing how they turn out!

My last entry I also promised food pictures. Here's yesterday's breakfast of cheesy quinoa pancakes and a fruit smoothie:

I didn't eat all three pancakes, and it should have been either the smoothie or the pancakes, not both. Was very bloated afterwards. Super tasty though, and saved me from the wrath of morning tea at Babcia's!

Smoothie recipe as follows (serves 2):

2 cups A2 Light Milk
2 ripe bananas
6 strawberries, halved
1 kiwi fruit
4 tsp Beechworth honey (approximation)
2 tsp Jalna Low Fat Natural Yoghurt

Chop the fruit, blend with one cup of milk. Add yoghurt and honey. Blend again. Add one cup of milk. Serve.

Remember how I said that Saturday we have a 40th birthday party to go to? Well, it's a 70s themed party, so the idea is that we go dressed up in 70s gear. We got A a groovy shirt from the Australian Red Cross Shop in Hawthorn on Thursday. I wasn't having much luck after having checked out two op shops; then yesterday we decided we'd buy a plain white top/dress for me to tie-dye. I started to think about it - how would I do multiple colours? I was just going to jump on YouTube to find out how, but then I thought about the costs involved: buying different dyes, buying a top/dress. Scrap that. Back to the drawing board.
Today I had to pop into Elsternwick to go deposit some money into someone's bank account. I went to check out the Salvos and the Australian Red Cross Shop just up from the bank. Winner winner, chicken dinner! I got a dress, a pair of sunglasses and three necklaces (okay, one of them was brand new but on clearance at Sussan's) for the bargain price of $18.90!
Best part? The dress is a MEDIUM! A MEDIUM! *dances a little jig* Oh hells yeah! A medium! I didn't believe it, so I had to ask the volunteer in the Salvos shop if it fit me! haha! Woot, super excited!
Oh, and did I mention that the sunglasses are genuine Nina Ricci and that I paid less than one-one hundredth of the RRP!? Totally hit the jackpot today! I was going to give you a picture, but it's too grainy so you'll have to wait til Saturday!

Well, time for me to get moving; it's 18:40 and time to get dinner cooking!


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