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Friday, 27 September 2013

The swimsuit journey continues

Why hello there. How are y'all doin' today?

I'm terrible, I said I'd try and write at least three times a week, and that didn't even happen. Perhaps I should aim for once a week instead. I was never good at keeping a diary as a kid, and a blog is pretty much that, only I don't tell you my deepest and darkest secrets ;)

Over the last few weeks since my last entry, I've kinda been laid up in bed in worlds of pain. You see, my back isn't taking too kindly to this coldish weather we're having here in Melbourne. So, I've just been laying here, doing not much of anything. Perfect time to blog, you say? Well, maybe not. I gotta have stories to tell y'all in order to do that!

A week ago, I got a message from Nicole at Turning "I can't" into "I can" asking me how I'm doing. I found Nicole through my friend, K. Nicole's from Canada, from the area K grew up in. K and Nicole's brother went to school together. But, I digress.
Nicole was checking in to see how I was doing, so I told her I'm not fabulous, but that I'm not bad, either. It also got me to thinking about content for this little ol' blog. 
I've realised that my swimsuit journey is still continuing, not because I'm not comfortable in my body, but because I actually haven't purchased a new swimsuit! Yup, I didn't end up getting myself a new one last summer. I was content that I was able to fit in to my existing one (plus the funds didn't really allow for a new suit). 
The other thing I've been thinking about is just writing about how good I feel, and what it's done for me mentally (even though I'm not out of the depths of doom and gloom, (and I really hope that doesn't offend anyone)) I'm still feeling MUCH better than what I was 18-24 months ago.

So, aside from the fact there is a family wedding to attend in February that I want to try and lose 5 - 7 kg for, I'd also like to get that new swimsuit. I want to spend time on the beach this summer!
The link earlier is last season's suits, but definitely still designs and cuts I'm chasing.

Suits Me Just Fine: Polka Spots

One piece swimsuit

Bettie Page one piece swimsuit
96 AUD -

One piece swimwear

Halter top

What do you think? Which one's your favourite?

Oh, by the way, I'm going on a small hiatus til my exams and assignments are done, so my next post probably won't be til end of October-early November.
Take care, and remember, one day at a time.



Nicole K. said...

I like the Esther Williams one :)

Hollie said...

It's real pretty, isn't it Nicole? I like it too. Postage is a killer though unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend the Esther Williams! I got one in emerald green and it's perfect, I feel confident wearing it. Pricey but worth it. It's amazing! x Jacq

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