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Friday, 6 June 2014

Things just don't seem to go the way I planned.

A few months ago, I started trying to work towards losing more weight for my 30th birthday. I tracked for almost 5 weeks straight, then I missed a day of tracking and struggled to keep up, so I gave up with the tracking after a few days of trying to pick it back up. My heart just wasn't in it. No, that's a lie. I wanted so desperately to do it, but found that my time was ridiculously limited. I knew that this year was going to be difficult but I didn't realise how little time I would have (she says to you writing a blog post instead of writing for an assignment).

The thing is, those 35 days that I did track, everything was great! I lost centimetres and got back to under 80kg. Proof is that tracking really helps to keep me on track. I need something to get me going and keep me motivated though. There are just 79 days until I celebrate my 30th birthday, though I turn 30 three days before the planned celebrations. I'm still hovering around the 79-80kg mark but I had wanted to lose more.

Do I have any Melbourne friends who want to walk with me once or twice a week? I would love the company, and it will give me the motivation to get out of my chair and onto the footpaths to try and lose at least some centimetres, and some weight thrown in would be great. A doesn't always like to go for a walk, so I can't rely on him too much.

07 May 2014

Body Part Measurement

Neck 34.5cm / 13.58"
Upper Arm 32cm /12.59"
Bust 105cm / 41.338"
Underbust 88.5cm / 34.8"
Waist 87cm / 34.252"
Hips 117cm / 46"
Thigh 63cm / 24.803"
Total Body Weight 79.5kg / 174.9lb

I've had a seriously, ridiculously shitty month so I'm expecting tomorrow's measurements to absolutely suck. There has been so much sugar consumed it's not even funny. I caught sight of my reflection a few times in shop windows and was so completely embarrassed. Embarrassed to the point I wanted to cry. It's not even the fact that it's cold and I want comfort food, I am just so overwhelmed with everything going on at uni that I'm turning to chocolate. Not good at all.

Along with the birthday weight loss desire, over the next 18 months, I've got one graduation, and four weddings to attend, one of which I'm involved in orchestrating: we're engaged! A took me by surprise and had the moment captured by our good friend who's an amateur photographer.

There's a bit of a story to it, but I'll see if you can figure it out. A picture is worth a thousand words they say, so how do you think this story went? Find out here.
We're taking our time with planning, just focusing on our studies right now.

That's all from me for now. Hope you're keeping warm this winter!


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