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Monday, 18 November 2013

Monday: Measurements and other stuff

I have been so completely busy today that I forgot to weigh myself this morning and forgot to take my measurements 'til a couple of hours ago.

Weight          80kg
Neck             35cm
Bust              105cm
Under Bust   92cm
Waist            94.5cm
Hips              117cm
Butt              112cm
Thigh            88cm
Arm              34cm

Today's food has been fairly good, including a small amount of dark chocolate. We've rearranged and cleaned the bedroom, so there's been lots of movement and burning of energy.
I haven't tracked on MFP or printed out my goal charts yet, but that can and will happen tomorrow, along with meal planning and pictures (I'm sick right now, so really don't fancy posting pasty selfies!)

Now it's time for pork eggplant hot pot leftovers from last night, and more rest!


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