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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Blogs: Who I'm Following

What is a blog?

Urban Dictionary has this to say about a blog:

January 11, 2005 Urban Word of the Day
Short for weblog.
A meandering, blatantly uninteresting online diary that gives the author the illusion that people are interested in their stupid, pathetic life. Consists of such riveting entries as "homework sucks" and "I slept until noon today."

v. intr.
The act of posting to a weblog.

When it comes to my blog, I tend to agree. I do meander. That said, my meandering has received a bit of praise from those who do read it, and for that I am very thankful. 
As a blogger, I like to hope that people are following me. I can see that there are 5 people who subscribe, and I could name you individually, but you know who you are! Then there are my friends who tell me they read my blog and they comment about this and that and that makes me feel just as good - so again, thank you!
I just hope that for anyone who randomly reads finds what I write even half interesting.
So, getting to topic - blogs that I follow.
I have a whole list of stuff in my blogger dashboard that I subscribe to. Crafty blogs most of them, but you know, I confess, they're not the ones I read - whoops! Apologies if any of you read my little ditty.
The list below is of those I follow semi-regularly. I say semi-regularly because for me, reading blogs is something I do when I remember (after the addictions of Facebook, the forum I help moderate, Pinterest, Polyvore, and Instagram). Most of them are fashion and lifestyle blogs. I am a woman, it's to be expected.

Business Chic

I came across Business Chic through Caroline at 17 Laps Marketing.  
Business Chic - Cheryl - is one woman, a very stylish woman at that, writing about and  photographing her fellow Melburnians and their corporate style.
See Cheryl for the entire month of March as she exhibits at Melbourne Central as part of the Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival with her infamous Little Black Dress Project (which went to print this week - hurrah!).
Oh, and did I mention that I actually work with Cheryl!? World = Small.

Image courtesy of

A Girl and Her Pugs

Image courtesy of
A Girl and Her Pugs is exactly that - a mid/late twenties Adeladian woman blogging about her life, her hubby, and their two pooches. Ms Puggy, as she calls herself, has just made a career change back into the world she left not long before returning. Alas, her posts are now once a week, but always provide me with good laughs, food and interior inspiration, as well as the knowledge of where to take A for good coffee if we ever head to Adelaide.
I came across Ms Puggy from the forum I help moderate.

A Girl and Some Clothes

Image courtesy of

Guess what?! Ms Puggy also has a blog for fashion and style, again focussing on corporate wear, but also with some less corporate outfits as well.  Ms Puggy likes to style pieces readily available or easily shipped to Australia.
This lady also has some serious style. I get itchy waiting for her Polyvore sets to appear on her blog.


Where do I start with Yvonne's blog? 
Yvonne is my mum's childhood friend. Yvonne's beautiful daughter Aimee is my friend (rest in peace beautiful girl), along with her sons Lachlan and Stuart. We all spent our childhood in a small town outside of Geelong, mum and Yvonne included.
Now, Yvonne is living in the Blue Mountains. She just won Star Central Magazine's Blogger of the Year for 2012 (well done, Yvonne!).
Her blog is much more ordered than mine, and is about ", love, loss, laughter, and larrikins".
If you think that you can never relate to anything, go and read Yvonne's blog*. Pretty sure your life will change. 

* warning - tissues are required

Image courtesy of

Cheeky Pickle

Image courtesy of
I actually stumbled across Ali's blog after being told about Ali's 'Cheeky Chats' on tickle the imagination by A's step sister, D (who owns Fashion Deli, stockist of all that is awesome in the realm of kids, and LGIS merch when I have the time...and hopefully that's all gonna change this year).
Ali and her hubby moved to Australia from the UK about 7 or 8 years ago now. Ali is a successful 'mumpreneur' and someone whom I admire. Her drive and determination for her business has stirred the fire in my belly to really push Little Goldfish this year - thanks, Ali!


If you're in the blogosphere, this one needs no introduction. In fact, if you're on any form of social media, you will know all about Fat Mum Slim. Chantelle Ellem's blog makes me feel like I'm there living her life with her. I'm pretty sure a lot of other readers would have the same, or similar, sentiments. Her awesome Photo A Day challenges every month have created a buzz in phone photography. I finally got the bug and joined in for February (in fact, I think I'll be doing a whole post dedicated to my shots each this space). Chantelle has provided yet another opportunity for all the strangers on this planet to connect with social media through the use of the infamous #fmsphotoaday on instagram and twitter, as well as creating a Facebook group especially for those around the globe partaking in the challenge.

Image courtesy of


Image courtesy of

Now, I have only just discovered Fox in Flats a few weeks ago through Business Chic on Instagram. A blog for the fashion conscious mum, (yes, I know I'm not a mum, but heck, I have a new-found body after losing all that weight!) Andrea really does inspire mums around Australia, and the world!
Andrea's got a Style Dare A Day going on as well - and this month, I'm playing! Talk about getting out of my comfort zone, the first one for the month of March was 'Grr!'. I don't do animal prints for anyone. Anyone. But, I did it for the Style Dare (see below). I don't own them - yet. I had to be creative. Everywhere I looked today - there was something animal print. What's your verdict on my venture into animal print?


Ms Puggy said...

Shucks you make me feel guilty for not making outfit posts lately! I will try to do some this weekend because of your kind words!

Hollie said...

Oh sorry! Didn't mean to make you feel guilty! Loving the updates though!

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