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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Rockets, carbs and sugars, sickness, and disruptions

Pretty random title, right? So goes my life.

This blog started out as a way in which I would communicate and semi-diarise my weight loss. It's kind of turned into all things but that of late. This entry is no exception.


A week and a half ago, out of nowhere, I had a major rocket that was let off in my head. I decided that this was the year for me to grow my business, Little Goldfish Invitations & Stationery. Out of nowhere I had all this motivation. I arranged a meeting with a marketing guru, I started to set up my Hand-Made store, and am also in the process of setting up my MadeIt store, however that one is nowhere near as ready as Hand-Made. 
A and I discussed it - wait, who am I kidding, I finally decided that maybe he's right and I should spend the money on promoting my business. So really, there was no discussion. I simply said to him that I'm doing it and that although I feel bad for spending the money, if I want to go anywhere, I need to spend the money. He looked at me with his big brown eyes and basically said "I told you so." It's not often that he says that because, let's face it, when are men ever right!?  (A, I do love you if you are reading this!)
I met with my marketing guru on the Saturday. She planted lots of seeds in my head. We had a lovely brunch at Spout. I was really good though and had my weight loss at the front of my mind, next to business/marketing strategy talk of course, and ordered the Fruit Salad. Now, I've been to Spout a few times, heck, it's less than a kilometre from our place, but I'd never had the FS. OMG. Delicious. That creamy yoghurt (for the record, I say yog-ert, not yo-gert - just like Alan Rickman does) is absolutely divine! Must ask them what brand it is next time I'm there. Wonder if they'll give that info up though!?
Anyway, after our 2 hour session, I came home and spent 3 hours researching where I wanted to be in 2013. I've semi-figured out what markets I'd like to scope out to possibly attend, now I just need to fit them into my calendar and see how they roll.
However, you will find me at Indie Market Place in Camberwell on Saturday the 16th of March, and again at South Melbourne on Sunday the 21st of April.

Carbs and sugars

Oh goodness me. I am fairly sure I inhaled a whole week's worth of carbs in one day. And they were white, starchy, sugary carbs. I loved it. What is going on with me? Oh, I know. I went to Baker's Delight (my dad's best mate owns a couple back in my hometown). It was nice, he wasn't there so I actually got to pay for my food for once! 
Don't get me wrong, I felt guilty when we got home, and maybe when I had my fourth mini jam scroll thing, but gosh darn it was fab. Just fab. A lazy day on the foreshore with E, C, M and A, picnicking and enjoying the sun (gosh I hate the English language sometimes. There is no 'k' in picnic, so why on earth does the word become 'picnicking'!)
Along with these, over the last few weeks, it's been rather hot, and we've been working late, which has seen a slight increase of pizza and ice cream in our diet. Not to mention the fact that my work team's awesome supervisor just finished up a few days ago, so the last two weeks at work were sugar fests. I demonstrated no self control. I admit it. My clothes still fit me, I'm doing okay. 
Despite this, I am pretty motivated to lose another 15kg (oh yeah, Wednesday Weigh In last week said 80kg. EIGHTY. EIGHT ZERO). I think I need to find something else to motivate me though. My - whoops, digression at its best! Back to the carbs and sugars. I know what I am doing is 'wrong' - wrong as in I will fall into my old habits if I'm not careful; that I should care when I am consuming but I don't; that I should make more effort to plan again, but I'm not. We are going grocery shopping though tomorrow so hopefully things will be okay. This is a big thing (grocery shopping) as we usually buy things every day, so the fact that tomorrow marks the second time in a fortnight is somewhat a miracle. Let's hope we can keep it up (even if the days have to change).


Apparently my body is not superhuman after all. Gutted. I've been sick for since Sunday of last week (9 days and counting). I put off going to the doctor until Saturday. Went back yesterday and got the all clear. Woke up this morning and felt pretty poorly, so didn't go to work. In hindsight, despite resting all weekend, I should have not worked yesterday. That said, how I was feeling today could also have been attributed to night 9 of pretty much no sleep due to the inexplicable (well, really, who am I kidding, it is summer!) heat we have had. Cue Melbourne weather - today is horribly cold and miserable. Yay! 
So, today has been rest. I haven't done anything. I've eaten two plain wholegrain wraps, a plum, and a yellow nectarine. I've watched Mad Men (season 5, I'm almost caught up, yay!) and I've tried to write this blog (did I tell you that I actually started it about 8 days ago?). I'm satisfied that it's almost finished. I'm also happy that I have the stirrings of the next post in my head - perhaps I should draft it tonight!


The disruption isn't as massive as what I made it out to be when I titled this post. However, at the time it arrived, it was a major pain in the butt (and very much a first world problem). As you may (or may not, if this is the first post you're reading) know, I'm a full time uni student. I'm about to start my third year in a B. Urban and Regional Planning. At the end of last year, my university decided to do a reshuffle of the BURP program. This affected my year level as the one subject we were all looking forward to doing - Transport Planning with one very passionate doctor (holy crap! he has his own Wikipedia page) - however the reshuffle moved it back to second semester, second year. We now can't do it until second semester, final year. Did I mention it was a cool subject, AND a core subject fundamental to our graduation?! There it is again - digression. Obviously, we have now got a gaping hole in our timetable that can be filled with whatever we like (provided the university offers it, of course). After months and months of academics and administration staff fluffing around, we decided to go and find stuff on our own instead of waiting for the list. I ended up choosing Strategies for Sustainability, seeing as how it's something I'm quite interested in. Hurrah, finally settled. Until last week when I got an email saying that it had been cancelled and I now had to find another elective. Freaking hell. Are you serious? It took me FOREVER to pick that. Back to square one. 
Nothing else really took my fancy when I was looking originally. I tried to expand my horizons - I even thought of doing a subject that teaches you honours research techniques. Boring. Then I recalled something that is always at the back of my mind from O Week - "If you're going to learn a language as a planner here at RMIT, learn a Chinese language or Spanish." Thanks John Jackson for those wonderful words.
Remember my declaration in this post? I tried, I really did. I contacted a bunch of people on Gumtree about Spanish (and Chinese!!) conversation, and they were just failures. They were terrible at arranging a time to meet/reply to emails and messages. I even borrowed Spanish for Dummies from a friend. As fate would have it, I am now enrolled in Spanish 1 at RMIT. Hurrah! Cross another one off my list! Only problem is that I have to pursue it myself outside of this semester as there is no room in my program after that. Boohoo.

So, there you have it. The very insides of my head in a nutshell. Some may say that the insides of my head ARE the size of a nutshell. 

Next post will talk about bloggers I've been following, me on Instagram, and will have some photos, I promise!


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