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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Swimsuit Shopping

Polyvore Playtime

In my last post, I talked to you about Polyvore. Polyvore is this wonderful site that allows you to throw together outfits from things you see online, as well as many other awesome things like throwing together home decor, or digital artworks, or collages etc., though I'm not really doing the description any justice. Go and read for yourself. Then make yourself an account and play. It's all shades of addictive.

Le Swimsuit Challenge

Now that I've lost a game-changing amount of weight, it's time to step up to the plate and get a new swimsuit. Fact of the matter is, the one I got 8 or so years ago really just doesn't cut it anymore. It never was fashionable, but was very practical. That was an important quality for me in a swimsuit. I wanted it to hide all my yucky parts and still give me great support for the girls. I had a racer-back thing from Target. It's still in my wardrobe, and was great for doing laps. It's now got a few small holes from its travels though, so perhaps I'll be on the hunt for two swimsuits. Pretty, and practical.

Below is a slideshow (thanks, Polyvore!) of a few swimsuits that I really like the look of. Pretty, yes. Practical, hell no! Most are available from Australian retailers, there are just a few that are from OS online stores. Click the slideshow, or the links below, for more details.

I plan on doing a few more fashion-type posts as times goes on. I do have a few up my sleeve but I've been waiting for the right moment. Once I'm into a routine, I think that will be the beginning of my fashion-type posts. Not only does a girl need a swimsuit, but a new wardrobe too!


Anonymous said...

If we're voting.. I'll pick A.... the red polka dots.. :)

Ms Puggy said...

I can pick one from each slide - is that cheating?

Hollie said...

You know there's more than one slide ;)
But yes, that first one is so cute, isn't it!?

Hollie said...

Nope, go for your life! I would love to have one from each too...if only the girls and the bank balance would allow...

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