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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Life... Part Two

Continued on from here

So, while A disassembled the desk, I untangled the tools Ikea had wired to a utensil holder, but were tangled up by careless customers. The hour A took to disassemble the desk (because, let's face it, when there is only one suitable tool available for use, and that tool is tangled in the above mess, there's only room for one person) I untangled the tools. Yup, an hour of my time I'll never get back.

We call ahead to A's mum to let her know that there is more of our furniture coming her way. She was only too happy to hear from us and took us out for a bit to eat! Before dinner, as we were about to walk out the door, she helped me with what I needed from her for the wedding gift (you see, I am getting there)! Dinner wasn't too bad, not flash, but filled the hole. We went to The Little Hungarian in Caulfield South. We did get there just as the kitchen was closing, so that might have had something to do with it, but A's and his mum's dishes were quite tasty. Once dinner was in our bellies, we dropped A's mum at home, and went on our merry way. We had a desk to reconstruct! Wanna see it? Good (and tough if you didn't!).

Just set up - Ikea's Micke desk

It's so cool, much smaller in footprint but with all that storage space, it's also bigger! 
Underneath, it has a cable tray, so we've got a 6-port power board there with all the cables running from it. Like I said here, a bargain not to be missed!
The next image along is what it looked like this morning. We're now in the process of rearranging everything so I have more storage space for all my craft stuff (because I have my own small business). Only thing is, now that A moved all his texts to his desk (see below pic), I have more space than I know what to do with, unless I buy more things to craft with - but that's just not possible! 

Messy because we're now rearranging!

As you can see, we have a BIG window with sheer-ish curtains for privacy, but no shortage of natural light. 
We substituted two of the Vika Amon/Vika Adils legs with the Antonius (which is now discontinued and has been replaced by the Algot range) for cheaper storage. Big tub in the bottom is our techy tub - the drawer filled with all things tech (think cords (electrical, USB, etc.), original phone packaging, and lots of other techy things.
The mess you see on the return is me sorting out my craft stuff: what is scrap to be used and what is scrap to be put in the recycling, what is to be packaged for sale, and just general crap that needs to be found a new home.

Tip: housework burns calories, so moving furniture and tidying up and all that stuff totally relates to me getting a new swimsuit (which I should maybe think about doing).

Now that that story is out of the way...

I can get back to telling you about the wedding gift! 
I mentioned before about seeing A's mum. As well as bringing our other desk to hers to be put in storage, I was also visiting to get things for the wedding gift. Shoe string budget, remember? A's mum was so thrilled I came to her for help with the gift! I had so much to choose from, but let her be the best judge. I even have enough left over to do one for A and I.
Saturday morning, my alarm went off at some awful hour (anything before 8am on a Saturday is awful). I had no idea how long this gift would take to make, so I got straight into it. It probably should have been done outside, but it was too cold so I did it in the kitchen. Wanna see what I made!? Good. There's no step by step images though, just the final product. Maybe when I make the next one, I'll have some step by step images for you.

My First Terrarium
No more digression. Here it is. The wedding gift. 
It's quite a deal bigger than it looks here in the photo, there's 1.5kg of sand, approximately the same of dirt, and about 1kg of stones, plus the succulent cuttings.
Two blog posts just to get to this one little picture! Apparently now that I have finished uni, I want to continue writing essays. Hrmph.

To recap:

  • Bubble Ball vase - K-mart (sorry, no linky)
  • Potting mix - K-mart (again, no linky)
  • Florera sand - Ikea
  • Knaster stones - Ikea (every time I see the word 'Knaster', I think of Canasta, though I'm sure it's a silent K)
  • Cuttings - A's mum's garden
Tip: carrying a bag of potting mix is good strength building work. 


Livonne said...

I love the way it looks Hollie.. How tall is the actual bowl?

Hollie said...

Thanks Yvonne!
To be honest, I'm not sure, I didn't measure it, but I'd say around 20cm perhaps.

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